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Newtech Financial Services established in 2013 is already one of the nation's largest F&I Agencies, achieving unprecedented growth in the automotive financial services industry. Having established relationships with the most prestigious product providers in the industry, Newtech continues its phenomenal growth in new business relationships.

Recruiting seasoned financial services, legal and administrative professionals has helped catapulted the agency's business relationships representing some of the largest dealer groups in the country.

Newtech Financial Services, unlike its competitors, is able to offer integrated technology solutions that can enhance the relevancy of F&I and achieve real income development. In addition e-contracting capabilities, automated consolidated remittance and state-of-the-art claim, cancellations and customer support has added to this impressive growth.


Our dealership affiliates have access to a full range of retail products:

  • Vehicle Service Contracts
  • GAP
  • Limited Warranties
  • Lifetime Powertrain Warranties
  • Lifetime Engine Warranties
  • Credit Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Protective Coatings
  • Tire & Wheel Protection
  • Lease & Wear Protection
  • Dent & Ding
  • Windshield Repair
  • Bi-Weekly Payment Program
  • Etch


  • F&I Deal Management System
  • Electronic E-Deal Jacket
  • Integrated Menu Selling (no double date entry)
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Compliance Video Recording
  • CRM Cross Scheduling for Deliveries
  • DMS Integration
  • Key Vendor Alliance Integration


  • EEOC
  • OSHA
  • OFAC
  • Red Flags
  • Gramm-Leach Bliley Privacy Act
  • Identity Theft


Our team of professionals interpret and evaluate your operations with a focus on improving the bottom line. We can help you increase profits by integrating our proven systems, methods, and industry best practices into your F&I department.


Extended Stay Consulting
Our F&I Specialist spends a full week in your store to evaluate your dealership’s F&I performance and assist in F&I sales.
We provide a detailed report with customized recommendations to improve your F&I performance.
Temporary Manager Placement
Our F&I Specialist is available to temporarily fill in for: vacationing F&I Managers and vacant F&I Manager positions
Detailed recommendations for improving your F&I performance.


  • Unique Participation Programs
  • Dealer Capitalization Programs
  • Dealership Acquisition Disposition and Support
  • F&I Agency Participation and Acquisition Programs
  • Traditional Financial Services
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