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A Career in the Automotive Industry

Newtech Automotive's HR Services Department coordinates several automotive industry recruiting, training and placement services. Opportunities exist for qualified candidates for Newtech companies including its F&I independent agent program and its affiliated retail automotive dealerships.

The auotmotive industry is one of the largest industries in the country. With over 1,110,000 employees in new-car dealerships alone, participating in the automotive industry can be a very rewarding career. Credible high paying management jobs exist.

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Auto Dealer HR Services

Newtech's HR Services provides three distinct service lines of HR Support for dealerships. These include recruiting, job placement and compliance services for our affiliated dealerships. Our proven program connects affiliation dealerships with highly qualified individuals. New Tech also provides a variety of compliance services and HR training to help ensure your HR office has the necessary tools to remain legally compliant.


Newtech's HR Services recruits and trains individuals for future placement. Individuals selected for our recruiting program are chosen through relationships with Northwood University and other major Universities and Community Colleges. Candidates are then subjected to our job placement process of interviews and other review and screening processes. Upon completion of our training programs and certification, individuals will be matched with an employer. Employers may choose to temporarily lease the employee for an evaluation period and/or hire the individual.

  • College & University Co-op/Internship Programs
  • Specialized Training & Education Programs
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Networking & Recruiting Events
  • Recruited Positions: Office Administration, BDC & Internet Agents, F&I Managers, Service Technicians.


Newtech's HR Services further provides a suite of solutions and training for compliance with federal and state regulations. Our internal legal department along with trained human resource professionals can directly monitor or provide consulting to our dealerships to ensure they remain compliant.

  • OSHA
  • OFAC
  • EEOC
  • Employee Handbook Creation
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
  • Hiring Practices Seminars
  • HR Department Consulting
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