NewTech Automotive Services has a rich history in automotive and auto dealer technology such as ProcessPro, F&I, Consulting, and VMS Key Storage Solutions

Newtech Automotive History

Newtech Automotive Services was established in 1998. Its primary focus is the continued development of a suite of technology products and the delivery of financial services to the retail automotive industry.

The company’s original product was branded DADS Virtual Dealership. This was a collaborative effort between software engineers located in Michigan and Franchise Auto dealers in Texas. In early 2000, Newtech established beta relationships with who at the time was Ford’s largest truck dealer in the world located in Garland, Texas along with one of the nation’s largest BMW dealers in Arlington, Texas. This project eventually expanded to participation with over 80 dealerships in Texas alone.

Newtech Automotive Services workflow design enhances business efficiency

The project expanded to over 30 technical people in Michigan receiving feedback and input from our Texas relationships. With further help from the dealers around the country, we were able to translate the retail automotive needs of the dealerships to the programmers and DADS was created. Taking over a decade due to the complexity of the dealer requirements, and with millions invested, the resulting system is the most powerful comprehensive suite of products developed with a proprietary workflow design.

During the initial decade of development, a proprietary workflow design was developed to help create more volume, gross and business process efficiencies contributing to enhanced dealership profitability. The objective became a reality, the company grew and its model expanded to include financial services.

In 2009, a key alliance was formed with one of the nations’ largest insurance companies and marketers of service contracts. This alliance provided further input in the development of our desking and integrated F&I menu system. In addition, the insurance company took over product marketing resulting in the rebranding of the company’s technology product to Process Pro. The insurance company’s interest in the project was to provide enhanced system capabilities to its agents to increase relevancy and over all dealer income development.

The 2009 U.S. financial crises and ensuing disastrous economic conditions of 2010 and 2011 in the automotive industry forced this key alliance to focus on its core business and suspend new business expansion and acquisitions.

Having weathered the economics crises, in 2012 Newtech again had the ability to completely control its marketing under the Process Pro brand. Utilizing the lessons learned during this time we were now able to develop new services, products, and an in-store support model which included F&I.

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