Newtech Automotive Services Best Practice BP Consulting Services

Why Best Practice Consulting?

We are your process improvement and business development specialist. Our Consultants are in your store every week to enforce industry best practices. We implement our proven systems and methods to ensure your employees are using our CRM tool to maximize your existing opportunities, following best practices for desking, and maximizing profits in F&I. Our F&I Specialist works with your F&I manager to increase your product penetrations and revenue, and your sales floor to ensure they are cultivating the best possible customer for F&I.

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Process Improvement

Maximize your Existing Opportunities! BP Consultants are in your store every week to ensure best practices are followed by your internet department, BDC, sales floor, sales managers and F&I managers. Our Consultants review weekly Assessment Tracking Reports with your managers to evaluate your dealership’s performance and hold accountability in customer logging, desking and F&I menu presentation. We provide ongoing training and support for each employee to ensure best practices are always followed to increase your opportunities.

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Business Development

Increase your Opportunities! Our Consultants offer a wide variety of Business Development services to maximize your opportunities. We feature a dedicated Creative Design department that provides customized Direct Mail and Mass Email services for your dealership. Our Database Marketing team can import and create lists directly from our CRM tool or utilize a targeted list based on your chosen demographics. Take advantage of our Call Center service for your BDC needs.

F&I Income Development

Our Consultants monitor your dealership's F&I manager’s performance on a weekly basis. Our F&I Specialist is in your store every two weeks to provide ongoing training and support to ensure your F&I manager is following best practices and maximizing your F&I profits. Our Specialist works with each department along the sales route to cultivate profitable customers for F&I. We also offer compliance training and support.

Digital Services

Newtech Automotive Digital Services department manages a wide variety of Digital Services including: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Reputation Management, and Behavioral Advertising (retargeting and content personalization). Experienced professionals work with you to understand all aspects of online marketing as they apply to your specific needs. We can help you build and deliver a complete online marketing plan that will drive web traffic and website conversions.

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